The Natural House

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Holiday Accommodation
Ein Kerem B' 81 Homat Hazlfim st.
Tel: 972-54-3113188
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Peaceful, Eco Holiday Accommodation In Jerusalem, Israel

The Natural House located in an enchanting old stone house, in the picturesque village Ein Kerem dwell at the jerusalem forest.

The room is built of thick stone walls and high arched ceiling, and the rugs complete the special atmosphere.
In the spelndid garden you can hear the the ringing bells from nearby monastery.

A beautiful garden surrounds the old stone house which offers two spacious suites with high arched ceilings, slate floors and beautiful rugs complete the romantic and oriental ambiance.

Enjoy magic moments in the splendid garden, our little piece of heaven of earth, sun-soaked in winter and green and shaded in summer. Gazing at the clear streams of water that flow into a pond, in the background the sound of ringing bells from nearby monasteries, will help you unwind and relax. The garden has another surprise for guests, a luxurious double sauna.

In the Natural House Inn we provide natural soaps with no carcinogens and we use ecological detergents to clean laundry. Since we wash a lot and a washing machine consumes a lot of water, washing water is collected in a container and is used for irrigation of the organic garden which receives only organic fertilizer and is not sprayed.