The White Tree Hostel

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Mujo Ulqinaku Nr. 59, Pejton
Tel: +38649166777
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Budget, Vibrant Hostel In Prishtina, Kosovo

The best hostel in Prishtina? Drawing from our hostel experiences while traveling, we decided to bring together the best of what we saw internationally with the well-known local hospitality. After much deliberation, we rented a ramshackle space with a dead tree in the middle. We painted it white, added colorful twinkling jar lights and we gave a life to the White Tree!

The freshly renovated hostel and inside bar are awaiting travelers from around the world. We have renovated most of the bathrooms, added one more bathroom, changed the structure of rooms and now we offer:
One private room with a double bed and a private bathroom, one private room with a double bed and a twin private room with bunk beds. Instead of a 12 room that we had we now offer more 4 bed rooms.

Bunk beds, covered with fresh sheets, are made of steel, and mattresses are of the best quality! Clean towels are available for a symbolic price; meanwhile lockers are inside the rooms and ready to be used.
Internet is basically a human right in Kosovo so that is not an issue in our hostel; free Wi-Fi for everyone!
Although you will find cheap but mouthwatering tasty local food in Prishtina, we still don’t offer breakfast for our guests.
Our staff is committed to offer a warm, homely and friendly atmosphere during your stay.

The Terrace:
Oasis in concrete! A laid back friendly atmosphere topped with cold beer, fresh lemonade, a selection of coffee and tea, carefully selected music and cool people to hang out!