Hotel L'Esplanade

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On the Hill of Grand Case
Grand Case
St. Martin
Saint Martin
Tel: +590 590 87 06 55
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Boutique, Luxury Hotel In Grand Case, St. Martin

A stunning "hidden gem" of Mediterranean architecture nestled in acres of lush tropical gardens, Hotel L'Esplanade provides a delicious retreat into luxury. Every detail is designed for comfort and relaxation, creating the ultimate space to stretch out, bliss out and recharge. Each residence features a private balcony overlooking the village and the turquoise sea, and unique Spanish-Mediterranean mosaics, exquisite hand-painted Mexican tilework, and gorgeous Moroccan lanterns complement the stunning ocean views.

An absolute commitment to service completes the experience. Attentive, but unobtrusive, the friendly staff are there to help whenever you need anything and fade into the background when you don't. The atmosphere of dreamy serenity offers a true sense of escape–with a dozen of the most renowned restaurants in the Caribbean just a short stroll away.