Zion Country

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Bed and Breakfast
Muirton Pen P.A.
Long Road
Tel: +1 876 871 3623
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Eco, Beachfront Bed and Breakfast In Long Road, Portland

Zion Country Eco beach Cabins is the place for eco, low budget and back pack tourism in the east of the island.The laid-back and relaxed holidays are popular in Zion Country Eco beach Cabins. Fall asleep or sit by our campfire (when the wind-direction is good) with the sound of hundreds of crickets, lizards, tree frogs, bull frogs and other sounds of nature including the waves of the sea. Wake up in paradise next morning and have your breakfast served with Blue Mountain coffee or tea — bush or English — and watch for one of the following creatures: manatees, dolphins, hummingbirds, nightingales, John Crow birds (Vulture), Baldplates, White owls, Cow birds, parrots, pigeons, Beeny birds, Grey Herons, bats, swallows, Pelicans, Sea Eagles, Frigate birds, butterflies, Fire Flys and Mongoose. In the evening we serve traditional Jamaican dishes; “fingerlicking” they say here.