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New Zealand
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Boutique, Luxury Lodge In Clyde, Otago

The historic Olivers Lodge opened a new chapter in its fascinating history when the buildings underwent an authentic restoration, reflecting their significant place in the chronicles of the Central Otago region.

The original stone complex, located in Clyde’s historic precinct, was built by Benjamin Naylor in 1869 as a general store, servicing the prospectors who sought their fortunes during the Otago gold rush. Today, in recognition of its outstanding heritage value, Olivers is protected by Heritage New Zealand with a priority category one classification.

Alongside the historic lodge and stables, the iconic landmark originally named the Victoria Store, now includes Olivers Restaurant and Bar, the Victoria Store Brewery and the Merchant of Clyde – a café-bakery-delicatessen.

Eleven rooms, divided into Stables and Lodge accommodation, all en suited, superbly blend the old with the new, creating a contemporary ambience integrally linked with bygone days.

The Olivers restoration is breathing new life into one of the region’s most striking heritage structures. A stay at this distinctively Central Otago property is a unique boutique accommodation and culinary experience and a must for those cycling the spectacular local trails, sampling award-winning wines in picturesque vineyards or just kicking back and enjoying fine food, wine and craft beer in Olivers sun-drenched courtyard.

Winner TripAdvisor Travellers Choice 2014, 2016, 2017