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Sawa Island
Tomia Island
Wakatobi Regency
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Friendly, Beachfront Campsite In Tomia Island, Wakatobi Regency

Naturalist Life Camping. is a special interest tourism activity where guests will stay on a small uninhabited island accompanied by the host.

The host has prepared all equipment and supplies (food, drinks, snacks and supporting equipment) during the activity

During their stay on this island guests will experience how to live on their own uninhabited island, no crowds, freedom and how to live naturally.

* About Sawa Island.
Sawa Island is a small island that is not inhabited by people. This island is one of the small islands that spread around Tomia Island.

Sawa Island is only overgrown with sand and coconut trees because the island's natural state is only sand.

Around the island of Sawa there are so many dive sites and snorkeling that have a panoramic view of marine biota ranging from coral and fish species. This location has become a favorite for divers so dubbed as an underwater paradise. No wonder the tourists visiting Wakatobi chose Tomia Island as their favorite tourist spot because it has many small islands that have exoticism. The uniqueness of this activity is that guests will get new experiences with naturalist concepts. The host and guests will stay in one tent.

What makes guests interested and comfortable in this activity is that guests are faced with naturalist life experiences while on the island. On the other hand guests have the opportunity to learn and understand the local culture of the Wakatobi community in finding fish and marine biota that can be consumed. In addition, guests will be taught how to cook by the host.

While on the island, guests will be satisfied with a natural panorama, relax or hang out on the beach, peek at birds, tour the island surrounded by white sand and enjoy the sunset and sunrise with a cup of coffee/tea.

To further enliven the atmosphere, guests will be spoiled by:
- Beer night time on the beach
- Barbeque fish
- Feel breeze
- Relaxing