Sorido Bay Resort

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Kri Island
Raja Ampat

Boutique, Exclusive Resort In Raja Ampat, West-Papua

Deeply rooted in its local settings, Kri Island is an integral part of Sorido Bay. It is around and within it – whether in the form of materials in the bungalows, resources in the kitchen or brightening your day with an original Papuan smile that stays with you years after.

Sorido Bay Resort counts a total of 7 spacious bungalows (in 2 styles: “5x Sentani” and “2x Kaimana” ) in a private setting with excellent service and modern amenities in closest proximity to Raja Ampat’s Dive Hot spots and the richest reef in the World.

The resort offers a selected and personalised service and is – without any compromise on comfort – nestled in the lush green jungle overlooking a kidney-shaped lagoon, meters away from the world’s most famous dive site ‘Cape Kri’: it is here where Dr. G. Allen recorded the world record of 374 different species of reef fish during 1 dive, making this the richest dive site in the world.

The resort grounds have a wide variety of plant and wildlife. Wild orchids, monitor lizards, furry marsupial Cuscus, tropical birds such as Lorikeets, Eclectic parrots, Paradise Kingfishers to Glossy Mantled Manucodes and Cockatoos. Eventually you may even spot a Tree Kangaroo or Sugar glider.

Here you will meet people with a passion for Raja Ampat and a passion for sharing it with the most important person of all: you, our guest.