Kri Eco Resort

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Kri island
Raja Ampat

Eco, Waterfront Resort In Raja Ampat, West-Papua

Deeply rooted in its local settings, Kri Island is an integral part of Kri Eco. It is around and within it โ€“ whether in the form of materials in the cottages, resources in the kitchen or brightening your day with an original Papuan smile that stays with you years after.

The resort is made of locally sourced and low-impact materials; shaped and equipped to sustain the excesses of natural forces typical of the coastal area and tropical climate; styled very much in accordance with the local tradition of architecture. The setting allows incredible views of sunrise and sunset and gentle breezes in the evening.

Shady pathways meander through the tree line to the restaurant. The atmosphere is one of natural peace and total relaxation. The resort grounds have a wide variety of plant and wildlife:
Wild orchids, monitor lizards, furry marsupial Cuscus, tropical birds such as Lorikeets, Eclectic parrots, Paradise Kingfishers to Glossy Mantled Manucodes and Cockatoos. Eventually you may even spot a Tree Kangaroo or Sugar glider.

Here you will meet people with a passion for Raja Ampat and a passion for sharing it with the most important person of all: you, our guest.