Cove Eco Resort

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Yeben Island
Raja Ampat
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Eco, Exclusive Resort In Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Cove Eco Resort is an eco-resort in Raja Ampat offering complete packages for family vacation, romantic getaways and water sports activities.

What’s make us unique in Raja Ampat is a private island of about 50 hectares surrounded by amazing cristal clear water and beautiful underwater reef. It’s about 7km of reefs, 5km of coast of which 3km of white sand beach located at one of the best Raja Ampat areas with famous underwater sites and so special landscapes.

We have a very friendly staff that pamper our guest to the highest level with creative and unique food. On our private island, we have diving, snorkelling, tours, bottom glass kayak and beautiful white sand beaches.

The private Ocean View villa are nestled on the northern shores of Yeben island, a true panoramic view of crystal clear oceans, just step ahead from the iconic Pianemo Island. We deeply committed with environment by reduce plastic ware and not provide laundry in land. Just relax and share moments with us !