The Villa Homestay

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Home Stay
Family Friendly
Pet Friendly
The Villa White House Grounds, Behind Crpf Gc-1, Parade Grounds.
Tel: 09818321224
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Chinese New Year Offers In February

Luxury Deluxe Room :- 1 Room for Two Guests INR @2100/- per day (which includes Breakfast + Vegetarian Dinner for Two Guests). Weekly Plan :- 1 Room for Two Guests INR @14,350/- ( Which includes Breakfast + Vegetarian Dinner for Two Guests).

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Family Friendly, Pet Friendly Home Stay In Ajmer, Rajasthan

If you arrive at "The Villa" in the morning you are greeted by the strains bhajans wafting into your ears.

"The Villa" is one of the few Home-stay in india which is surrounded by the Mandirs (Temples). take a bare foot walk under the canopy of Firangipani Trees accompanied by the melody of devotional songs this memory will be etched deeps in yours conscious ...

High velocity winds are a constant feature of Ajmer and they blow through the city and coupled with the sounds of crickets, Provide natural sounds which can put one into a light trance, during the night. That is why The Villa Homestay's message to their guests is sleep blissfully ...