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Cbr Ayurhealth
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Peaceful, Comfortable Home Stay In Kannur, Kerala

Our Home stay gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature and homely atmosphere with finest of accommodation available in the city, thereby enjoying a great exciting holiday in Kannur. We are warm and hospitable and love entertaining. We started giving our place to others recently. We have arranged all necessary facilities for our Customers to make their stay very comfortable. We take utmost care in satisfying our clients’ needs and comfort. They can also enjoy Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga all under one roof. Our home is welcoming, clean and comfortable, a blend of the traditional and contemporary.
It is situated 3 km from the town in a serene and green environment. On the roof top you can enjoy the distant Sun rise and Sun set view. It is at a walkable distance from the nearest bus station and 10 minutes travel from the Railway Station. Buses are plying to the Beach and it’s 4 Km from our home stay. Its natural ambience clubbed with modern amenities will make your visit a very refreshing experience.