Organic Holidays Andreta Home Stay

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Home Stay
Family Friendly
Andreta Agojar nr Andreta Pottery
Himal Pradesh
Tel: 8588849825
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Family Friendly, Countryside Home Stay In Palampur, Himal Pradesh

One of the most serene locations near Andreta Palampur, with amazing view of the Himalayas and enthralling landscapes. The place is perfect for peace lovers. World famous Sobha Singh Art Gallery and Andreta Pottery is just 1km. Andreta Pottery offers short term courses for Pottery making. Bir Billing Paragliding, Dalai Lama Monastery Mcleodganj Dharamshala, Palampur, Baijnath Temple are near by. Best place for Hiking and Trekking. Let us help you plan for an ultimate getaway. Organic Holidays is a unique concept of spending vacation close to the nature

Our entity which comprises travel enthusiasts themselves, understand the needs of our guests and take care of their tour and travel requirements. We excel in designing tailor made tour packages for domestic and inbound tourists.

If you love bliss, calm, serene and pristine localities away from the hustle of cities then come and travel with Organic Holidays. Explore the unexplored yet most beautiful places in India and abroad with Organic Holidays. Love adventure? Love Camping? Love Trekking? Love Hills? Love deserts? Love Jungles? Love Greenery? Don't worry we will help you to realise your dream at your dream destinations. Our motto is to make you and your family go on a vacation even if you have a small budget. We understand your needs and value your time and money. We will not even hesitate to go extra mile and keep our entire margins off if you have some budget constraints because your loved once should not be denied happiness just for this reason.

Every child want to travel with his parents during their school breaks and holidays but not every parent can afford a good vacation. Don't worry we will make this possible for you.

It's not everyday that you stay in camps, enjoy sunrise in the hills or take a dip in the river in the jungles or stay in a village with the farmers and relish the local cuisine but at Organic Holidays its been our everyday affair. We know what you want as a traveler, what are your expectations and needs. We know the unexplored local secrets which you will never find in Google. Come and stay with Organic Holidays for a Real Life Experience

We want our travelers to get the feel of the place they are visiting. We can assure you that you will not simply visit the place but you will definitely live it

Lets get started. Where would you like to go? We assure you the best travel experience ever and this is our mission

You may own your house in the big city, have a car, wearing branded clothes but you are also aware that you are breathing polluted air, eating unhealthy food. Your long and stressful office hours are not helping your body either. In this day and age of urban fast pace of life people are looking for holidays where they can have a peace of mind, where they can relax and spend some quality time with family, kids and friends. The concept of holidaying is changing in India now.

People want to get rid of another fast paced sightseeing tour while holidaying. Why to get up at 6 am in the morning, get ready for a hectic travel from one place to another while on vacation. Why to continue with the same madness and rush while on vacation which is your daily routine at home?

Organic Holidays will take you to serene locations of India. You can stay in a Home Stay, eat organic food grown in local farms, drink purest form of water, and above all breathe the freshest of air during your vacations. The kids can see how farming is being done by farmers and the village culture. You can also indulge in farming and other activities with the villagers which will definitely entice your soul.