TripThrill Goan Imperial 2Bhk Apartment 1

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Exclusive, Family Friendly Apartment In Goa, Goa

The Stay Peaceful, serenity and efficient are what define the properties of Goan Imperial Holidays. With a choice in apartments, this property is good for couples, groups of three until six. The two bedroom apartment is adorned with cane furniture, giving it a cosy feel. The bedrooms come with attached bathrooms. The kitchen is fully functional with refrigerator, microwave, utensils, hot kettle, toaster and everything else you may need. The Neighbourhood Only 3 kilometres from Varca beach, Goan Imperial Holidays is a dream vacation. You can drive in 8 minutes to the beach or take a leisurely walk of 30 minutes to enjoy a day by the beach. Varca beach is flanked with restaurants and eateries. And only 300 metres or 3 minutes walking away from the property is Magsons Gourmet shop. Getting around Closest railway station: Madgaon Railway Station. 7 kilometres/15 minutes. Closest airport: Dabolim Airport. 26 kilometres/50 minutes. Closest bus stand: - Are cabs and auto rickshaws available? Yes Is it possible to rent a car/scooter/bike/cycle? Yes, rent a scooter and a cycle.