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Fordoun, R 103,
Nottingham Road
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
Tel: +27332666217
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Boutique, Exclusive Hotel In Nottingham Road, KwaZulu Natal

Fordoun, situated in the rolling hills of Nottingham Road in the KZN Midlands, was created and is managed with the goal that every guest should leave feeling uplifted, positive and relieved of stress.

Converted from a farmyard and dairy, this boutique hotel is an Ideal spa getaway and cultural experience Awarded S.A’s Best Boutique Hotel Spa in 2016, at the Les Nouvelles Spa Awards, Fordoun boasts an oasis of relaxation and sensory bliss. This five star boutique hotel offers a convenient location, luxuriously appointed suites, some with expansive views of the entire Drakensberg range, friendly service, and a superior fine dining restaurant.
A glance at the guest comments book tells the story.
“I could not have believed that 5 minutes from the N3 I would find utter peace and tranquility, as if I was in another world. From the staff to the ambience, everything works towards helping one to ‘chill out’,” wrote one recent guest.
Combining a hotel with a spa in a great setting like the KZN Midlands gives guests the opportunity to make the most of what both have to offer. As a Destination Spa, the underlying philosophy is that Fordoun is focused on positive energy and the enjoyment of life. Whether guests are combining hotel and spa or just staying in the hotel, they will find delicious food (bordering on the indulgent), an exciting wine selection, and staff who really appreciate the privilege of hosting them.